Other First Aid Training

CPR & Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training

This course covers the core competencies of the UK Resuscitation Council and is designed to instruct the students in the use of an AED.

Healthcare Workplace BLS/CPR

All healthcare professionals should be proficient in resuscitating unconscious patients and must attend training every three years. Those with a duty to respond to paediatric emergencies must be trained in a specific protocol for children and infants. Non-healthcare professionals working in a healthcare setting should also be proficient in performing CPR .

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First Aid for Motorcyclist

 This course has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the initial management of a road traffic collision involving a biker.

Activity First Aid

This course is now a Level 2 (QCF) and will give you all the necessary first aid skills to deal with a whole range of outdoor, sporting & fitness injuries. This course also incorporates the Emergency First Aid at Work Course so you gain a recognised workplace qualification aswell.

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It is a legal requirement in the UK under the Fire Safety Order 2005, that all employees receive fire safety training. We can help you comply with this legislation by providing a range of (QCF) fire safety training courses.

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Annual Refresher Training

This refresher course provides you with an opportunity to practise and update your skills at any time during your three year period as a qualified first aider.

The HSE strongly recommends that you attend a refresher session once every year during this three year period.

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